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Preserve water resources in the river basin Liptako, our reason for being.


The Water Agency Liptako aims to enhance the watershed as the appropriate framework for planning and degestion of water resources by coordinating actions related thereto and consultation in order to prepare and implement work in theeuronews optimal rationality directions and decisions prisesdans the field of water.


The main tasks of AEL:

  • to engage stakeholders in the water to the concerted management, integrated, balanced and sustainable development of water resources in the watershed;
  • translate, through master plans and water management (SDAGE) and land use planning and water management (SAGE), the orientations of the national water policy;
  • to promote throughout the basin, rational use of water resources, the fight against pollution and protection of aquatic environments;
  • collect taxes from water users for sampling they do and / or pollution they cause, according to the "polluter pays" and "user-pays";
  • to provide financial aid to various common interest actions by local authorities, socio-professional organizations and users;
  • provide technical assistance to school, work, monitoring and evaluation, performance and all other action taken to fight against waste and pollution of water, according to the principle "one who better protects is helped ";
  • preparing, applying the SDAGE and SAGE, multi-year programs of intervention to address water use needs, preservation and restoration of water quality, conservation of aquatic ecosystems, protection banks and the fight against siltation of rivers and water bodies;
  • to contribute to the prevention and fight against floods and other natural disasters related to water;
  • develop and disseminate knowledge on water resources and improve their management;
  • develop partnerships with any organization operating within its competence.

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